A Letter to Grad School Applicants

Day 2 of my reminder to college students as they begin another year. While yesterday’s post was for all students but especially freshmen, this one is for the seniors who will be knocking down electronic doors asking professors for letters of recommendation. Though it is only August, most graduate school deadlines arise in October. Following these steps will keep you ahead of the crowd and perhaps put you in the ‘first glance’ pile of applicants. Good luck!


Dear Applicants,

It’s the fall semester, which means many of you will not be paying attention in class because not only do you have senioritis, your thoughts are on the 12 grad school applications waiting for you. And after you finish not paying attention in class, you will be asking your professor for a letter of recommendation. To make this process easier for us all, I’ve compiled a list of tips derived from my experiences 7 years ago as an applicant, and my experiences during the last 2 years on a graduate school admissions committee.

General Advice:

  • Have an actual plan. Know what degree you want and why. Grad school is not for you to find yourself; that’s what college was for.
  • Research careers associated with your intended degree. You may discover that you don’t need an advanced degree to do what you want to do. Or you may find…

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