A Letter to College Students (from all Profs)

As another academic year comes to a start, I want to take this opportunity to reblog a few posts I wrote last fall. The posts will be reblogged in three parts on three consecutive days. These posts are mostly words of advice for college students, especially for those who think college is high school part II. Much of what I say in the following post is written in jest though grounded in factual experiences. Though the tone is light hearted and hopefully begets a few smiles, the message is real: college is a professional endeavor and as such, should be treated professionally.


Dear Students,

Before the academic year begins, I have a few things I’d like to discuss with you. Please listen carefully. No, no, no-don’t speak. Just listen. In fact, take out your phone and record what I am about to say.

Number one: Read the course description before you register for my course. Pay close attention to the course title and number as well. The numbers are not arbitrary. 100, 200, and 300-level courses increase in difficulty. This means that my 300-level course is probably not suitable for you first semester freshman year.

Number two: If I email you before the beginning of the course, please read that email. In all likelihood, I am relaying some important content in that message. In fact, I AM relaying important content. For example, you may need to have some readings done prior to the first day of class. You are responsible…

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