My Blog in Review

favorite posts of 2012 I’ve been debating what I wanted my final post of 2012 to be about. In the spirit of the new year, I thought I’d take this time to look back at my blog and see just what I said in 47 posts. Here are some of my favorite posts:

  • Why Does College Cost ‘So Much’?  This post is a good one because it relies on data collected by national research institutions. It confirmed a lot of what I already thought about the rising tuition costs. I learned a lot doing this research and the data was a good confirmation of the ideas I expressed in a prior post, College is Not a Yard Sale.
  • A letter to College Students This is one the general public seemed to enjoy. In fact, it had the all time high viewership for my blog. I came up with this in jest, but apparently, many teachers feel the same.
  • Academia is a Lonely Place  This was one of my first posts and everything in it remains true. Academia is not what people think it is. Getting a PhD is not something to be taken lightly because in doing so, you are changing almost every facet of your future.
  • Professors’ Salaries Explained I like this post because this is something I have to explain all the time. I am a teacher, I am not wealthy.
  • Teach for America is the Bane of my Existence This post makes my favorites because there were such strong reactions to it (as I expected). The responses revealed just how critical it is for the general public to understand the big picture of education in order to understand the (in)effectiveness of reform programs.
  • Why the Achievement Gap has Little to do with Students  This post rounds out my list. The achievement gap will continue to be an issue, but few people understand what drives it. I am quite proud of my breakdown of variables contributing to the achievement gap.
  • Tick,Tock:  Love or Learning?  I like this post because it may be one of the most honest and emotional posts I wrote. The struggle to find love remains. So if you know anyone…

In reviewing these, I realized that keeping a blog is a great way to process my experiences as they occur. Writing these posts allows me the chance to voice my thoughts, pushes me to engage in educational current events, and challenges me to evaluate the origin and outcomes of my beliefs about issues of equity and equality in American education.

2012 was spent identifying the issues we face. I hope that in 2013 I can offer solutions, because what is very clear as I review my posts is that I continue to be worried about the Other Class and the Hidden Curriculum that engenders otherness.

Happy New Year!