10 Things for which I’m Grateful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2012, I thought I’d take the time to identify the aspects of our educational system for which I am thankful. Here we go:

I am thankful because…

1)      Children have a right to education in this country

2)      We actually HAVE a free education system

3)      Our education system is far less gendered than those in many other countries

4)      We have many educational options that fit diverse student interests

5)      We have the money to send every child in this country to college

6)      Parents, to some extent, have a choice where they send their child to school

7)      In general, we have free transportation to school

8)      We have laws that prevent discrimination and abuse in schools

9)      Schooling generally comes with after-school, extra curricular activities

10)  We have the knowledge, finances, and drive to have the best educational opportunities in the world

I’m thankful to be a teacher in this underperforming-weakly veiled segregated-potential having-screwed up system of the United States of America.

Mostly, I’m thankful for the opportunity to change it.