I Wish a Student Would…

The get out of jail free cards have been used up. Here is a list of things I wish a student would say again:

  • ‘If you know we aren’t going to do the reading, why do you assign it?’
  • ‘I just want academic peace’
  • ‘I worked really hard on this paper and I don’t think an F reflects my effort’
  • ‘Why do you get to be more right than me?’
  • ‘I was sick and still came to class. That has to count for something’
  • ‘I know the syllabus says you don’t accept late work, but taking 10% off per day late is too much’
  • ‘You are biased toward Education’
  • ‘Assignments due at 7am when class starts at 9 is too early. I like to get up before class and do my reading then. I don’t have enough time.’
  • ‘Wikipedia is a quality source. They list the references right at the bottom of the page’
  • ‘Oh you wanted me to follow the example you sent? I thought that was just extra reading’
  • ‘Font sizes 11 and 12 are pretty much the same. 12 and 14 too’
  • ‘That’s not what my last professor had me do’
  • ‘I didn’t do the work or come to any classes because my grandfather is sick. We aren’t that close though’
  • ‘Flip flops aren’t business casual?’
  • ‘I don’t own anything but shorts so I shouldn’t be penalized for not dressing professionally’
  • ‘Can I have a second chance to redo the paper?’
  • ‘My acapella group is performing tomorrow night so I won’t be able to turn my paper in by the extended deadline of 5pm. I’m not sure what time we will be done’

If you don’t get out of my office….


One comment on “I Wish a Student Would…

  1. nerdmalarkey says:

    Comedy. I forgot all about academic peace. And how can a professor be biased toward Education? I mean…I feel like that’s redundant.

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